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Stress Measurement Network

The Stress Measurement Network’s mission is to better understand the relationship between stress and health by improving the measurement of stress in research studies. The Network provides an array of stress measurement resources, organizes workshops, and brings together experts from around the world to debate, improve, and develop measures of stress. Together, we move the field from abstract and fragmented state to a cohesive science.

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New publications from members of the Stress Measurement Network:

Crosswell, Epel, Mendes, & Prather published a Letter-to-the-Editor to Psychosomatic Medicine that describes the Network’s perspective and ideas on how researchers can improve the specificity of language being used to describe the broad umbrella construct of stress, in academic research papers. Read it here.

Gordon and Mendes (PNAS, 2021) developed an app-based research study (MyBPLab) leveraging an embedded optic sensor in phones to estimate systolic and diastolic blood pressure in daily life. Read it here.

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