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The Stress Puzzle

Featuring leading researchers on the cutting-edge of stress science

SMN Podcast

Brief, informal discussions to engage both researchers and the public in hot topics surrounding stress and health.


Purpose of The Stress Puzzle:


(1)  To pass current knowledge and the historical context of stress research to others in the field, particularly early-career researchers, to promote the highest quality stress research.

(2) To foster openness and transparency around scientific processes, while emphasizing the how and why of studies to promote science literacy.

Your Host

Ryan L. Brown, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCSF, and Co-Director of the Stress Measurement Network. Dr. Brown is passionate about science communication to support the advancement and translation of stress science. She previously cohosted a podcast (Sci-Tea) that connected researchers and practitioners with the goal of creating more open communication between researchers, practitioners, and community members. She has also created 36 short science communication videos about her own (and others’ research) that have been watched for over 500 hours on YouTube. Through The Stress Puzzle, she is excited to focus on dissemination of the most up-to-date understanding of stress science to encourage high-quality research, support young investigators, and stimulate interest from folks outside of the field, all while humanizing the scientists themselves.



Stay tuned for episodes from stress science pioneers

Terrie Moffitt, Julian Thayer, Andrew Steptoe.

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