New Findings in Stress Research

Here we provide references to studies our Network views as new and interesting single studies of stress and health. Send suggested additions to or fill out the form here

Stress Contagion: Physiological covariation between mothers and infants, 2014

Waters, S.F., West, T.V., Mendes, W.B. (2014). Stress contagion: Physiological covariation between mothers and infants. Psychological Science, 25(4), 934-942.

The Wear and Tear of Daily Stessors on Mental Health, 2013

Charles, S.T., Piazza, J.R., Mogle, J., Sliwinski, M.J., Almeida, D.M. (2013). The wear-and-tear of daily stressors on mental health. Psychological Science, 24(5), 733-741.